Nico Nobel

Nico Nobel (83), our beloved founder and friend passed away on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 in his residency Noordwijk, The Netherlands. We thank him for providing us with his inspiration and contributions to the foundation.

Dr. Nico Nobel is the chairman of the ChildTuition Foundation who provided the inspiration and build Nicotopia.

As a student, Nobel became friends with an Indian boy studying at Cambridge University. This friend invited him to tour India after finishing his studies, and he accepted. In 1958 he completed a 7 month tour through India by car, nearly covering the entire country. Having made a number of new friends, he returned often for short visits. As a result, Nobel regards India as a second home, and himself as half-Dutch and half-Indian.

Nico studied Law at Leiden University. He subsequently worked in Amsterdam as a tax-lawyer and as a publisher of articles and newsletters about Dutch and international tax law.

Since 2006, Nobel focused on the activities of the ChildTuition Foundation.